Saturday, April 19, 2008

packing up fibre to go.

Last night I spent a good while packing a suitcase and boxes with suri fibre blends and a few yarns to take to the Dunedin Spinners and weavers meeting today,where the reception was warm despite the chilly weather. Our first truly winter day here in the south.
Came home with a lighter suitcase, thanks folks.
The box of batts on the left is a lot emptier now.
Even in this photo the lustre of the suri and silk is visible. I enjoy giving talks and demos on my fibre obsession although I always worry beforehand (and repack and double check) as I'm affraid of leaving something important behind. Like my prompt notes, or the hand outs I need.
Once back home I had a short dyeing session as I need a few more skeins for Tote shop.
Must be the cold, or meeting Stella in person, but I feel some sock knitting coming on, I've only completed one pair in my knitting life, the yarn will be hand dyed I think and I have a fairly straightforward pattern to begin with, and I could sneak it in to work.
Actually today was a successful day for everyone, my daughter got her formal dress in town, husband spent some time in Katmandu although he forgot the frying pan purchase he has bought some more shirts so I can tear the old ones into rags (when he's not looking), and son bought himself a cool jacket and umbrella,occassionally it rains in Oamaru:)