Thursday, May 22, 2008

missing....lost under a pile of fibre

I'm still here, somewhere.
Although my blog is quiet its because my hands are so busy at the moment.
Trying to get some of my commission pieces done, the list is getting longer.
I have two classes to teach very soon which require kits and yarns to be packaged, lessons planned in depth and samples to complete.
All on top of the day job, which requires our business accounts to be balanced and complete for the annual audit...aghhh... asap.
Then there's the siren song of the beautiful baby Guanaco fleece waiting for me to spin and an idea for a weaving mulling around in my mind.
I'm also guilty of a bit of procrastination, spending time trawling ravelry.
Will take some photos of the present projects to post soon, when I can find the camera again from under the pile.