Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Carding a cloud or two.

A day off from office work has been a good catch up time for carding some stock to replenish the shelves at the Oamaru Textile co-operative shop. This is carded batts of alpaca, merino and silk.
I'ts taken me the day to card this pile (there's about 2 kilos) of different colours, each blend is put through my supercard twice. This is on top of the time spent to find and buy the fleece, wash it, sort it, card it, dye it, wash it again, dry it, recard into colour blends, now all thats left is to label it and hope it finds good homes. I've been really pleased at the number of felters who have been buying my fibre too as well as spinners. It's so tempting to keep half of them to spin myself.

The green batt is an example of a silk and alpaca blend.
And a photo of a cushion cover where I dyed the yarns and stitched the cat on canvas from a Kaffee Fassett embroidery pattern. Its about 10 years old now and the cat is often snuggled up against it.

What have I been spinning, some alpaca and silk spun fine..ish to go on a warp for either a scarf or shawl.


Melinda said...

Love the green!

jane said...

where did you buy the carder