Friday, December 19, 2008

Cat weaving class

First select your loom. This looks about cat size.
Lifting the heddle off with your teeth requires practise.
So where's the yarn?


Stell said...

tell me - if it was warped would she(he?) use it like a hammock - cause I've heard rumours about that being the case. My husband keeps telling me that if I leave my fiber stuff out the kids or the cat will get into it, but it really isn't an issue - both are fairly careful with my things. They know what is important don't they?

Doe said...

Hi Stella,
Funny you mention 'the hammock' as I did find him asleep across a piece of freshly woven fabric I'd been weaving on the floor loom, he didn't disturb any of the warp threads climbing up though.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hi Doe, I completely forgot to wish you Merry Christmas - my apologies. I thought I'd covered everyone. Hope you had a good day.

I have cats that use things hanging on my clothes airer as a hammock. One loves to sleep in my fabric bins which is a right pain.

saoriweaver said...

Very cute - and oh so typical. I have 3 cats - one a 'studio cat' who loves to sit on my lap anytime I try to weave, knit, spin, etc....

Happy Weaving (to you both!),

Doe said...

Yes they are good company when you work and all three cats we've had are as passionate about fibre as I am.