Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crochet samples and what I've just finished.

Here's what I've been spinning after washing, carding etc for a client. Some rose grey alpaca fleece, 2kilos worth. I know doesn't look that much in the picture but believe me its a few nights work.
Why when I get the camera out does someone furry want to get in the picture.

Some tidying of my boxes in preparation for taking a crochet class and I find these samples. This blue green one imitating a plaid design became a little baby jacket with hood for a nephew. The yarn is wool and silk.

Half trebles worked in a two colour design. The yarns are naturally dyed with madder, logwood, indigo, weld and brazilwood.

Plus a bit of natural coloured yarn thrown in. I never did use this design but it was a jumping off point for other ideas.