Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crochet samples and what I've just finished.

Here's what I've been spinning after washing, carding etc for a client. Some rose grey alpaca fleece, 2kilos worth. I know doesn't look that much in the picture but believe me its a few nights work.
Why when I get the camera out does someone furry want to get in the picture.

Some tidying of my boxes in preparation for taking a crochet class and I find these samples. This blue green one imitating a plaid design became a little baby jacket with hood for a nephew. The yarn is wool and silk.

Half trebles worked in a two colour design. The yarns are naturally dyed with madder, logwood, indigo, weld and brazilwood.

Plus a bit of natural coloured yarn thrown in. I never did use this design but it was a jumping off point for other ideas.


Jody said...

Rose grey is my favourite colour of alpaca. I have some that is more brownish like yours and some that is more greyish. Are those singles? It's hard to tell from the pic but your spinning looks beautiful!
I am spinning a black cria fleece right now (for the breeder) and I have a total of about 8 lbs in fleeces to spin for her. Last year I spun 6 lbs for her. I don't get money for it but I do get to pick out the best fleeces that I want for myself. Let's face it...for all the work from washing raw fleece to fiber prep to spinning and skeining...we could never get paid enough I think!
Your green eyed kitty looks very sweet.

Doe said...

So true, but I have to price it so we're both happy with the outcome.
It's a 2 ply yarn from a 22micron fleece. I also have a grey to do for this breeder too.
Spinning for other people has paid for my electric spinner and is contributing towards the electric carder.

Jody said...

I am saving for a Pat Green fancicard and am over a third of the way there.
If you don't mind me asking please Doe, what kind of prices do you charge? Sorry if you'd rather not say.

Doe said...

Pricing your work is always difficult so I base it on my time. The hourly rate I've picked is below hourly minimum wage here in NZ but it means a difficult fleece costs the person more than a well sorted clean fleece.
Quantities gain a discount.
I quote an average price per 100g based on the time I know it usually takes me to prepare and spin that type of yarn.
Would I like more for it? Of course.
I know people here who charge more than me and also people who charge less.
In the end Jody it's what you want to get paid to do a job and what someone is prepared to pay. Oh and I do reject jobs I don't want to do, so I pick and choose and never say yes outright to anyone until I've seen the fibre and discussed the client's expectations, then I go away and work out a quote. I spin for the pleasure and also want time for my own stuff.

Jody said...

Thank you Doe...I really appreciate your advice. I sell my yarns at my LYS and have sold quite alot in the last year. Just recently a lady bought some of my yarn and said she would like to get in contact with me about spinning a sweater's worth of yarn for her.