Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Holey scarf

I dug out some singles handspun wool yarn which I'd had in my stash maturing, no idea what it was, not overly soft but I'd spun the fibre which I know I dyed in long sequences of colour.
I read the instructions for the scarves which appeared in the winter 08 'Spin Off' magazine and used my rigid heddle loom to weave this one.
Then rolled it in tea towels and put it into a mesh bag and into the washer. I did have to rub it a bit by hand afterwards as I could still move the weft threads around a bit when the cycle had finished. First picture is the fabric straight off the loom and the others show it after a wash and steam press. Looking forward to using some more stash yarns for this technique, perhaps in a shawl.


Jody said...

It really changes after wahsing and blocking doesn't it. Have you ever made woven 'brushed'suri scarves.

Doe said...

No I haven't, have you? Suri would brush well.

Jody said...

No Doe I don't weave so have never made them. An alpaca breeder told me she saw them at one of the shows and she thought they were beautiful.

saoriweaver said...

That's a great looking scarf!