Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creative Fibre festival.

Ahh Festival. What can one say about festival. Now just a memory and a slightly overused credit card. I meant to take a lot more photos but only remembered the camera on the last day.
The weather was glorious. the speaker's interesting and entertaining. I was only able to attend on the Saturday and Sunday due to work commitments.
The Trade hall was a buzz with people meeting, greeting and trading. Sunday morning was probably the quietest time, which is when I took the photos. Some beautiful fibres and hand dyed yarns displayed.
Alpaca products, spinning wheels and Dobby looms. Every fibre imaginable from bamboo and silk to rare sheep breeds and soy silk or cotton. so I visited the hall quite a bit over the weekend.
I didn't get to see the fashion show but certainly heard some very positive reviews and did get to see the garments up close. Some fabulous garments including a few handspun.
Felted garments are still very well represented but weaving also was well supported with entries plus some knitting and a few designs incorporating crochet. Classic fabrics such as checks and houndstooth mixed with other fabrics.
The child's section was colourful and fun. Lots of natural fibres used.
The alpaca award went to Jenny Ellewood-wade with this beautiful entry using yarn spun from her own alpacas. I liked the cut and style of her jacket. she told me it was woven on her 8 shaft table loom.
Thanks South Canterbury Area for a great festival.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harvest Home

Every Autumn the historic Totora Estate in Oamaru (home to the first shipment of exported frozen meat) holds an open day to celebrate another successful harvest and to remind us of our roots.
So on a warm but overcast April Sunday the crowd came, and the threshing machine started up........The pennyfarthing riders stood around ........

The hay bales were tossed, after plenty of beer was drunk......
The Trug maker demonstrated his craft and plied his wares.....

The sheep just sat around.....
So did the spinners and weavers.......

There was also some nice displays such as our table on natural dyeing and the finished products.
It was a great day. The lamb burgers were delicious.