Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The end of July ....had enough of the cold.

A view of the sea from Kakanui taken at the end of the summer by my husband. I love the architectural quality of the lines and the textures.
I'm plodding away on two commission pieces and some spinning for clients.
The suri shawl in the previous post won a first prize and the colour award at the alpaca conference which was really exciting. Mostly I'm grateful to have submissions accepted for various shows so a prize (or two) is a lovely bonus.
The rest of my time has been spent doing the mundane trivia of everyday life.
However, I'm escaping for a couple of hours every Thursday evening to a painting class and I might even post what I'm working on, maybe....


Peter said...

Hi Doe,
Thanks so much for your visit and fun to meet up with you both. I mentioned to you that I had found Simon Leach on the internet, so here is a link for you:

I hope to get up to Oamaru fairly soon and will try and make it a day when you are there at your workshop as it would be really nice to see what you are up to.

Best Wishes,

Peter and Laura

Doe said...

Thanks for the link Peter and look forward to seeing you both at Oamaru, we really enjoyed visiting the studio.

Jody said...

No surprise that your shawl won Doe.....congratulations :)