Monday, February 22, 2010


Charlie my weaving assistant has featured here before in this blog. But he is also the family friend.
He's a bit of a computer geek although the effort tires him somewhat.
He's a sensitive soul, some T.V. images offend him. Highlights from 'Crufts' for example.
He can do that 'headless under the duvet thing'.
As guardian of the Skeins, he inspects every soft package that comes into the house.
I guess he's quite a balanced kind of a guy.
Spontaneous even, bringing friends home for tea.
Often holding court in his own chair.

Sadly our friend was killed last Friday morning on the road.
At the tender age of 4.
We miss you Charlie.....................


MaryContrary said...

You have my sympathy for your loss. Been there, done that!!

Jody said...

Poor Charlie :(((
I am very sorry Doe. I have two precious kitties myself.

Doespins said...

Thanks for your comments MaryContrary and Jody. We plan to take on another SPCA cat as I love having a cat around and they each have their own personality. sorting out photos of charlie was therapeutic.

Wei Siew said...

That's really sad. I feel for you.