Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So lucky to live here.....

Sometimes I forget what a beautiful place I live in with gorgeous empty beaches in the neighbourhood.
Stretches of the ocean to wander along.Yellow-eyed penguins close by. This was the moulting period in February this year when they do a lot of standing around.
This summer there was dredging happening on Oamaru sea front in preparation for repairing the sea defences and several old train engines were pulled out of the sea. The original protection from the advancing sea many years ago. These were given to the local steam engine preservation society. Now there are just a pile of rocks all along this stretch of wall and the view of the sea is completely obliterated.


Jody said...

That is an amazing place you live Doe. Very beautiful. I read on the Omaru site that you are originally from Devon England (sorry if I spelled things wrong). That sounds like another lovely place. I bet there is not much snow and ice in either of those places. I cannot imagine living in a country without a cold winter...but I would be willing to try :)

Doespins said...

Yes,pretty mild winters here although it can be quite windy particularly in the spring and summer.

Peter said...

So nice to see the photos on your site of our lovely coastline. I enjoyed the photo of the bits and pieces of railway engines too. Piled up like that they make a rather wonderful sculpture.
We were so sad to read of Charlie the cat's death on one of your previous posts. It is nice to see young Sophia though, and we do hope that she is going from strength to strength.
Best Wishes,
Peter, Laura, and Ginger

Doespins said...

Thanks Peter. Yes we didn't survive too long without a cat and these two are growing like mad and great fun to be with, boundless kitten energy.