Friday, May 28, 2010

New Things

What have I been doing recently, other than going to work. Well I had a trip to Queenstown ro pick up a 48" dobby mecchia loom. We dismantled it and brought it back to Oamaru and put it back together the same evening whilst it was all fresh in our minds. A few days later I began winding a warp onto the back beam. I need to fiddle about a bit with the heddles and have coloured them for each shaft (8 shafts) to make threading easier. However I have a warp of alpaca to go on to the Jack loom to complete some commission work so the mecchia will have to wait a bit longer but it's good to have a warp on it ready to go.
Also here's a peek inside my newly printed book commissioned and selling well for the Creative Fibre Society. A huge amount of work, so if you get to see a copy be gentle with any criticism. It aint perfect and it is based on my personal experiences with alpaca and llama fibre, so I acknowledge that your experiences will be different, and I'm sure there was a lot more I could have added, changed etc.
The best bit of the whole process of writing this book has involved all the sampling and playing with fibre.
And I still love this wonderful fibre and yarn.

The kittens are now 6 months old. Sophie, the little tabby is very much an indoor cat and very sweet and gentle. Ash is extremely playful and loves the garden and climbing all over my looms which I'm trying to discourage.
Every evening they sleep curled up together.