Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Posy Blankie

Just finished this baby blanket made with Flagstaff 8ply alpaca. I bought cream yarn and dyed the five colours semi-solid so that they have some shading. It's actually easier to dye this way than flat even colour which requires a lot more attention and time bringing the temperature up slowly so the colours don't streak.
I designed the centre of the square so that it looks like a wild rose flower and finished it as a granny square with the usual treble groups. The squares are joined as you go on the last double crochet (UK) and chain round. I prefer this to sewing the squares together.
The project was perfect for taking to work as I could do most of the square without taking the whole blanket with me and finish the green rounds at home.


Jody said...

It's beautiful Doe.
I wish I was as handy when it comes to dyeing :-)

Doespins said...

Hi Jody,
The more you do the easier it gets, I've had my failures too but you can overdye anything to black!

Peter said...

Hi Doe,
Lovely work, and fabulous yarns on your previous posts too!

Regarding Saturday (you mentioned on my blog possibly dropping in), we might be out and about at times in the earlier part of the day, but after 2pm we would be very likely to be in residence with a the jug filled and waiting to be put on for a cup of tea or coffee if you were able to have one with us!

Andy said...

Doe, love the look of the blanket - how is it handling now ... it is being handled! Andy

Shirley Goodwin said...

This has come out really well!

Christine said...

I love this blanket -- the colors as well as the pattern. I've been trying to copy it, and am having trouble with the number of chain stitches everywhere, but particularly in the first round: how many chain stitches are there between each cluster? If you sell the instructions, I would be happy to purchase them from you. Agsin, complimenti, as the Italians say (even though I'm from California), for a lovely blanket. From Christime Guerrini