Monday, April 4, 2011

L is for Llamas

Last month I spent a weekend at Ann Thompson's Watford Grange Llamas in Christchurch teaching fibre courses. The only photos I've taken are of the lovely llamas in the sunshine.
These suggested I might like to use their fleeces. Note the additional decoration.

Llamas come in array of patterns and colours. Most are multicoloured with spots, patches and pinto/appaloosa markings.
It was so nice to stand amongst them as they went about their daily business.
This little guy is called 'the statesman', he has a wonderful presence. Curious like all babies, but also well....'stately' and bold. Those stunning markings help too.
It was a well attended weekend despite being so close in time to the major earthquake.
People were glad to talk about their animals and fibre, although I know a couple had lost belongings and even their homes.

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Shirley Goodwin said...

They are just gorgeous! A shame you didn't take photos in your classes as I would have loved to see what your students were doing. Hope all is well.