Thursday, May 31, 2012

A fresh warp

 The freeform woven banner is off the loom. I think I'll probably hang it up the other way with the sun shape at the top. The natural dyes look deeper and more varied in the flesh. The warp is in two shades of blue indigo hidden nearly completely by the weft except for its shape in the centre.
An empty loom is like an unmade bed.
I've wanted to do a striped warp with ikat-like patterns. I love Bonnie's beautiful weaving. I took a few skeins of my hand dyed alpaca and played with wrapping some of them circularly on the warping board to make the colours stack a bit. I'd have liked to have had even more colours and its quite hard to warp totally random stripes as I subconsciously kept trying to repeat widths.
Now to try some different wefts tomorrow.
But for now the bed is made.


goldilox said...

That is absolutely gorgeous - you must be so happy with it. I've never done any weaving, but you make me want to try!

Doespins said...

Thank you it was fun to weave.
Go on try weaving, its very addictive.

goldilox said...

Yes, that's what I'm worried about!!!