Monday, November 12, 2012

New Room

I don't think I've posted about my mall hideaway studio next door to my husband's Osteopthic clinic. We set up the clinic in a mall over 15 years ago. The room I have recently put my small floor loom in was a clinic room when we had two Osteopaths working here. Now we are back to one this room was vacant so I have taken it over. The room has a door directly to our reception area and my desk so I can still answer the phone and do the bookings as well as other office jobs but can also weave in all the spare time I have waiting for people to finish their treatments etc.There is also this door to the mall so people can visit my little studio without coming through the clinic.
 I just love having piles of skeins around and being able to weave some scarves and things everyday.
I also bought two new book shelves to hold yarns and weaving stuff. I'm sure they won't stay this empty for long.
 The banner in the window is made from yarns naturally dyed yarns.
I just love working in this little room.