Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 Although you wouldn't know it from this blog there has been much weaving, spinning, dyeing etc going on over the last month or so. Including a pile of alpaca scarves, some still on the loom. Product yarn development which included some alpaca marl yarns in cream, fawn, brown and black.
 Andy has selected this fibre for this lovely yarn which has 25% merino with the 75% alpaca. See the Flagstaff website for the full range available in cones and skeins.
Of course I had to test knit some myself this week and there may be a sweater on my needles already.
The yarns are lovely and soft and slide along the needles.I've found a Rowan pattern which could work really well this yarn as the gauge is quite close.
The Textile Emporium has had plenty of visitors over this past month and sales have increased to match. This means I need to keep up with the dyeing as the yarns fly out the door away to lots of other countries as many of our customers are overseas visitors.

Andy meanwhile is busy at the farm this week turning alpacas like 'Bonny' (above and below) into sleek slimmer ladies and gents.The team sheared 80 alpacas yesterday. All alpacas are given a health check, inoculations and toenail trims as required, so shearing days give the farmer a chance to inspect his herd and address any health issues.  One alpaca yesterday decided to loose more weight than just her fibre and 'unpacked' a cute wee cria while she was waiting. Mother and baby doing well.
Removing the fleece is a health benefit too as heavily pregnant females and working stud males in particular benefit from being cooler in these warmer months ahead and more alpaca yarn for us to play with next year.