Monday, April 15, 2013

Plant colour

From eucalyptus bark and leaves, fresh woad leaves, NZ flax, and other plant material I found from around the garden. Some of these were soaked in alcohol to extract the colour. Most I dyed last year. I'm planning a garment. The yarn is all NZ handspun wool with a bit of alpaca. Just have a couple more colours to add to the mix including maybe some natural coloured fleece.


Jody said...

When you say NZ handspun wool, do you mean Gotland wool Doe?The handdyed colours are rich looking. I am knitting (well trying to anyway) a cardigan from my GotlandX lamb handspun. The Espresso sweater from A Fine Fleece :-)

Doespins said...

I'm adding some natural grey Gotland to the mix. How are you finding the Gotland/cross knits up Jody?

Jody said...

Hi Doe,
I know not all GotlandX is the same as it depends upon the cross, but the Gotland/Finn X we have is amazing! Our new lambs have less Gotland like 25 to 30% but it makes an impact. We are getting the fineness of the Finn with the pearl-like luster of the Gotland. My sweater is going to be stunning :-)Will post about it soon.