Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finished fabric

Just a quick post from my phone to show the fabric straight of the loom.
Now to wash and press it before cutting and sewing. This fabric may have to sit on the shelf for a bit as there is dyeing to do.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

On the same warp

So many different views of the same warp. Weft yarns can totally change the appearance of a fabric.
From the blues and reds above.
To yellows and almost tartans...
And luscious bright pink.
I think I only have about another metre of this warp left so watch out for the big reveal.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's on the loom today too...

The more I weave the less complex it becomes. I love the simplicity of plain weave and its ability to be a canvas for colour. I love my Ashford floor loom also because its not difficult to weave on. I can wind my cloth on from the front and pedal easily freeing my hands for the actual weaving process. It's the most comfortable loom I own to weave on.
So here's a photo of the loom in situ in my little studio in town.

Beautiful hand dyed yarns don't need any more textured drafts as the subtle shading of the dye saturation does it all for me.

Friday, October 4, 2013

What's on the loom today...

It's sad that Ashford's are no-longer making floor-looms. They were probably one of the last makers in New Zealand although it's possible Jim Mecchia may have made the last commercial one.
I like using both my Mecchia and Ashford. The Ashford's jack loom is lighter to use, has less loom waste and I seem to use it more. I have adapted it for sectional warping. It's very easy to thread the heddles. Mine is 38inches wide but invariably I weave narrower warps. Mine is possibly a 1980's  four shaft model. I use an adjustable office chair on wheels to both warp and weave.
So what's on the loom today....luscious silk, wool and alpaca all hand dyed and looking like this:-

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Eely Point

Poor neglected blog.
One of my favourite colour ways in the yarns I dye is this graphic white and black colourway called Eely point. This is the first time I've dyed it on the boucle or woven with it.
The first photo shows the colourway on wool. The boucle alpaca is so soft and light after it is washed. I put pale pink across the last scarf.