Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013 Victorian Fete

 Another Oamaru Victorian Fete day this last Sunday began with very gloomy clouds and a smattering of rain. So it was still fairly quiet at 10.15 when I sneaked away from the shop to take some photos. This must be my 9th or10th fete day, the last 7 spent inside our textile shop on Tyne Street.
 However already people were beginning to show up in their costumes like this elegant pair happy to be photographed.
 Bill Blair, the trug and tool maker was already at work.
 There was knitting and spinning as well as weaving demonstrations going on in the shop.
 Our doll maker Sharon was happy to show the careful stitching involved in giving her figures animation and life. Several dolls were purchased.
I loved this stall outside in Harbour street. The soaps, creams and potions definitely looked and smelled good enough to eat.
The crowds eventually arrived and so I spent the day in the shop. The weather improved and we had a great day chatting to many of the tourists who had dressed up especially for the day. There were steampunk, bohemian, servants, harlots,grand ladies, victorian school children, explorers....a visual treat of colour swept through our doors. Every Fete day has its own flavour and its interesting watching them involve.This one certainly had a broad spectrum of costumes from the sci-fi to strait laced Victorian, some innovative stall decoration and display. However without all the hardworking volunteers and committee members each year putting in hours of unpaid work it would never happen. Thanks everyone for a fantastic day.

So back to the office this week and the dyepots. Next Saturday I'm demonstrating spinning and weaving on the black and coloured sheep stand at the South Canterbury A and P show in Waimate so have some preparation for that.
My 'apprentice' dyer and helper Andy has become a fully fledged dyer under his own Flagstaff label. You can buy these yarns in 200g skeins in his colourways from his website and on his alpaca farm. I haven't seen the yarns in person yet but here's a photo I borrowed from Ravelry that he took of some of them drying on the line. Reminds me of colourful prayer flags.