Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well I may not be blogging much but there has been activity in Herbert over the summer.
Dodging the rain clouds to get the outside of the house painted. Husband and daughter have been chief decorators.
Dusty work sanding.
It's only a small house but the work seems endless... And there's still the three bay old wooden garage to do...fortunately under the peeling paint the rimu boards are in great condition.

One member of the family can't stand the noise.
There has been lots of dyeing when the weather permitted.

And weaving.

In my small studio some dressing of the loom.
As our daughter is home from Wellington for the holidays we have also had a few days relaxing and going out.
Mostly spent in the locality. Not often we get time to just wander around in our own town.
The view is from the third floor of the old Loan and Mercantile building by the harbour.