Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Summer dyeing

Dyeing in the summer is such a treat. The yarns dry quickly and I can throw the shed doors open wide. The NZ plants glow in the evening light as do the plant dyed fibres, mimicking the colours of our garden. We have loads of native trees from manuka, flax, ribbon wood, lancewoods, hebes, kowhai etc and so our garden is full of birdsong.
I've been dyeing a whole selection of different fibres with logwood, madder, cochineal, wild carrot, pomegranate, cutch etc. I enjoy the woodsy smells of the dyepots. Most dyepots benefit from being left overnight before taking out the yarns so take a while. Some even benefit from further slow cooking the next day.

Here's just a selection of colours. I plan to refresh the indigo vat this week to add more blues, navy and greens.

We've enjoyed walks to the sea whilst waiting for the dye baths to cool.

Nasturtians by the dyeshed enjoy the last of the evening sun.

Which makes these glow on the deck too.