Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This is the wheel I have spun kilos and kilos of yarn on nearly every day for the past 7 or maybe 8 years.
Her foot boards are now worn thin, the hinges needing to be replaced soon.
She's no beauty compared to her Majacraft sisters. The plain but serviceable one. The Cinderella.
But I love this wheel. Both of us are past our youth and prime. I'm a sloppy but proficient spinner and so I twist her neck around to suit whatever chair I'm sitting on or to ease my slightly worn hip or change hand positions. She valiantly keeps turning even when her bobbin is bursting with spun yarn. I guess soon I should think about replacing her treadles and maybe get her a new treadle axel to cure her little wobble. I should also wipe off those tea dribbles. Thank you Pioneer and here's to many more years together.

Freshly plant dyed handspun yarns.

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Sharon Mitchell said...

I enjoyed reading about your journey with your old wheel friend! Looks like she's spun many a fine yarn - so to speak! Being around so many spinners makes me think about digging my old wheel out for a spin! I wanted to ask if you will be getting in any more merino silk slivers any time soon?