Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quiet productivity

The dyepots and spinning wheels have been busy but I haven't blogged about the products as they have been mostly for other people with a bit for the shop.

So I'm gearing up to new scarf and wrap designs for the coming winter/spring season since everything virtually I've woven is now sold. My racks look rather empty. If only there were more hours  in the day. 

This scarf 'cleans up' many of the small balls of yarn left from other projects. The colours are a bit more subtle than the photo shows.
One commission I was delighted to spin and weave was this baby blanket for a Gotland sheep breeder who was expecting his first child. Welcome to the world Lily.
The fleece was Gotland merino cross and I used a lighter Gotland fleece for the stripe and edging over dyed.

The yellow is dyed from the seed pods of the very plant portrayed in the photo.

Now the beautiful coloured leaves of Autumn are being blown off the trees but there were some gorgeous visions of colour earlier.

Glowing even on a really dull day.
Tomorrow is my usual dye day plus I have a load of carding fleece to do too. Better download my favourite podcasts. I listen to a variety from Graham Norton the lovely Woolful and Scotland Outdoors. Sometimes I'm in the mood for science or comedy. My guilty pleasure is 'The Archers'. I guess it reminds me of my dad and my British childhood.
Last of the gold beside my flash dye studio.