Crochet Alpaca Cowl - Free pattern

Yarn used – 100g (360m) of hand dyed 4ply Flagstaff Alpaca (1 skein).
Crochet hook – size 3.00mm
Each motif measures 5.5cms in diameter (from shell to shell). There are 39 motifs altogether.
The instructions are in UK crochet terminology.

Stitches used – chain, double crochet, treble, double treble.
The motifs are joined to each other as you work the last round.
Sew in the ends as you go.
The edging is worked around both of the long sides of the cowl.

Abbreviations –
dc = double crochet
ss = slip stitch
tr = Treble
dtr = double treble
Ch = chain
Shell = 5tr group

Instructions – 1st Motif
With 3.00mm hook and yarn make a slip knot and 5 chain, join into a circle with a ss into the 1st ch.
Round 1 –  3ch (counts as the 1st treble), Make 15tr in the ring, ss into 3rd of the 3 ch at beg of round.

Round 2 – 5ch (counts as 1tr and 2 ch), 1tr into the same space as the ss,
*1ch, miss 1tr and work [1tr, 2ch, 1tr] into next treble; - rep  * 6 more times,
1ch, ss into 3rd of the 5ch at beg of round.

Round 3 – ss into first 2ch space, 3ch, work 4tr into the ch space, 1 dc in next 1ch space,
*Work 5tr in next 2ch space, (1 shell completed),1 dc in next 1ch space, - rep  * 6 more times,
ss into top of 3ch at beginning of round, fasten off.

Work a second motif using the above directions until you are 2 shells away from completion on Round 3. To join this motif to the first one work 3tr into the next 2ch space on the 2nd motif, work a ss into the top of the 3rd tr of a shell on the first motif, 2tr into the 2nd motif to finish the shell. Work 1dc into next 1ch space and 3tr into next 2ch space on motif 2. Repeat the ss join into the top of the next shell on motif 1, and then complete motif 2 and fasten off. (2 motifs joined)

Work a third motif and join it as above to the 2 shells on motif 2 exactly opposite the ones joined previously. This completes one line of motifs.

Make a 4th motif but join it directly above motif 3. (see photos to aid placement).
Motif 5 joins to both motif 4 on shells 5 and 6 and and motif 2 on shells 7 and 8.

Make a 6th motif and join as above to complete the 2nd row of motifs.

Continue making and adding motifs until you have completed 12 rows of motifs (36 motifs).You need to join the final 3 motifs you make on row 13 to motif row 1 and create a circular fabric (39 motifs).
Fasten and sew in all the ends.

Round 1 - Rejoin with a ss into the top of a 3rd tr of the 1st shell on any one of the side motifs.
1ch, 1dc into same place as ss,
*5ch, 1dc into 3rd tr of next shell, 5 ch, 1dtr into the joining ss of the 2motifs nearest your hook, 5ch, 1dc into next shell - rep * all around the motifs omitting the final dc and working a ss into the 1st dc of the round.

Round 2 – 5ch,
 *1tr into 3rd ch from hook, 2ch, 1tr into next dc – rep * all around the edge, omitting last tr in the round and working a ss into the the 3rd ch at the beginning of the round to finish.

Round 3 – 3ch, work 4tr into same space as ss,
 *work 1dc into next tr, 5tr into next tr – rep *
to end and finish with 1dc in next tr and ss into top of 3ch. Fasten off and sew in ends.
Repeat rounds 1-3 on the other side of the cowl.

Finish the cowl with a warm wash and lay flat on a towel to dry thoroughly.
For a longer cowl add more rows of motifs. The final row of motifs could be joined with a twist to create a mobius cowl.

*Note this pattern hasn’t been tested by anyone else so far so please contact me if there are any problems, errors or omissions. Thank you.
Doe Arnot 2013.*

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