Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas got in the way but here are the birds.

Well I was going to put entries on this blog regularly, but the last week has flown by. the day job requires a fair amount of my time at this time of the year. should get quieter next week.
I've been sorting through some of my tapestry crochet pieces. I find it quite inspiring looking at older pieces of work, seeing the direction I've taken and then maybe revisiting some of the abandoned ideas again. I wonder if its linked to this particular time of the year when you take stock ready for the New year?
This blanket was my daughter's baby blanket 15 years ago made from natural dyed handspun yarn. much of it 'singles', i.e. not plied yarn. Crocheted in half trebles (half double crochet). Worn rather well I think. Some of the colours have faded and changed in tone with the use and washing, but still looks pretty good. I was pondering on making up an indigo bath soon as I have a scarf I want to shibori dye so may as well put in some skeins of yarn to exhaust the dyebath.

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Vera H. said...

I read about your work on the Tapestry Crochet website today. Your designs are fantastic!!