Monday, October 18, 2010

Alpaca Expo

On the 8th, 9th and 10th of October I enjoyed some time at the National Alpaca Expo in Christchurch. Surrounded by 300 plus alpacas from all around the country. I didn't manage to take many photos being busy on our stand but there were some of the top genetics present and a fabulous show of prize winning fleeces.
These young Suri's awaiting their time in the ring. What I like about NZ shows is the fact the animals appear in their natural 'paddock' state. No washing, brushing primping for these girls and boys.
More patient pacas.
This was a relatively small class compared to the white huacaya classes where there is a lot of competion. There were some gorgeous blacks too.
Our stand. Trade sites were very sparse and few here so we had a prime spot near the showring. In the quiet periods I got my spinning wheel out and enjoyed the judging.
These two were awaiting their time in the ring looking very calm and collected (owner's too).
Before leaving I had piles of skeins to split, reskein and label. This takes longer to do that dye each one it seems. Always lots of last minute jobs to do.
Plus a skein or two languishing in the dyepots and then onwards to the shop. I love seeing the liquid in the pot go completely clear as all the colour is sucked into the fibre. I then reuse the dyepot again and again only topping up with fresh water as the liquid levels drop. Being on a tank water supply I try to use as little water as possible and recycle as much as I can.