Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A change from spinning alpaca

Although I'm still doing lots of fibre work, mostly it seems for other people, which is fine and I enjoy the commission work although I don't blog much about it, It seems to fill up my spare time and computer time gets very restricted. But over a period of three months or so in very small chunks of time (i.e. 2 hours a week whilst attending a painting group) I've been painting this picture in acrylic paints. I'ts not completed yet but it's getting there. I'ts been a challenge as I haven't painted anything seriously for many years and have had to learn and relearn some very rusty skills. but I've really enjoyed the journey and look forward to starting another painting. The landscape is typical of Central Otago, burnt grassland and blue green hills. This particular alpaca went so well with the environment. The painting is based on a photograph taken by Ann Rogers (an alpaca breeder and wonderful photographer from Rangiora). Her subjects are alpacas from all over NZ and Australia. In the series I'm planning to paint a Suri and Llama.