Monday, May 2, 2016

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Friday, January 8, 2016


So a new year and another summer is rushing past. I hope to keep my blog a little more up to date.
I was musing about where this blog was going on our daily walk. Probably not something this neighbour has to worry about.
I've loved my Instagram feed over the last few months. So inspiring. I'm @doearnot if your curious. There are some familiar faces there as well as a whole new load of dyers, weavers, knitters, philosophers, travellers that are so creative who I've never seen before. Some even from my locality.
So returning to this blog, I think I'll attempt to post a little more often as sometimes it's nice to record a bit more than just a photo.

So this year will see more weaving and spinning. I hope to do a lot more natural dyeing especially with locally foraged plant material beginning in the wilderness we call a garden. I've also planted a few dye plants this year.
As you can see the tansy and goldenrod are already romping away.
It's been another flowering summer for the NZ flax and our garden is alive with the Tuis and Bellbirds enjoying this bounty.
Whilst much of the area is in drought we've had a mixed bag of weather being coastal with regular showers and sunshine so everything is bursting in flower and lush foliage.
On the loom today I'm working on a couch blanket using locally processed (i.e grown and spun in New Zealand) Corriedale and Perendale wool with organic Merino weft. Dyed with a variety of natural dyes.
Simple twill because it's all about the colour.
The Corriedale/Perendale wool takes the colour from the plants beautifully. Better and richer shades than the Merino. I know the fibres will really bloom in the finished cloth too.
Of course much of what I do will still feature the fibre from these lovely animals.
This neighbour won't be contributing any of her fibre even though she has a lovely woolly face.