Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Busy dyeing

Whilst the farmers have bemoaned all this fine summer weather and drought conditions I've been dyeing lots of yarn and fibre for my section of the shop.
It's been fantastic drying weather.
I've also been busy trying to get some projects finished which are paying customer orders.
I'm hoping to finish the knitted alpaca jacket by the end of this week and have several metres left to weave on my Jack loom of a broken herringbone tweed which is going to be tailored into a victorian skirt, hopefully in time for modelling at a fashion show at the black and coloured sheep breeders conference here in the south island in May.
Did sneak a new project of knitted fingerless gloves as I felt compelled to try out some of the new yarn colour I've just dyed, a shop sample of course! Have to show my customer's what can be done with a skein of yarn. this is actually a frequent question so am planning a few example finished items to show what can be made with only one skein.
Photos below of the 4ply pure wool skeins and some 200g balls for those people planning bigger things.

I've also been weaving with the wool yarns in both warp and weft and they've performed really well. The yarn is really smooth but washes into a softer fabric off loom which shows off the weaving pattern. See purple scarf entry previously with curlicues.
I do love a yarn that it versatile.
The wool is Anna Gratton's lovely yarn from the little wool company in the north island.
Same 4ply wool yarn in 50g skeins. These have been my big seller so far.
Ah well back to the dyepots.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for stopping by, Doe! Now I've discovered your blog. That wool looks yummy - I haven't dyed any wool since being here. Good to see TOTE progressing.

Shirley Goodwin said...

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