Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter to dye for

Last view of the fabric I've been weaving since the beginning of January on my Jack loom. It's a herringbone twill in natural sheep colours. It's now off the loom and being tailored by Chantel from the Oamaru Textile Exchange into a vic torian style costume.Pictures to follow when we complete the outfit.I'm very grateful to Chantel for offering to do this, my sewing leaves a lot to be desired.
Hot weather still continueing so dyepot was busy over Easter holiday. The blue stuff below is Suri locks dyeing in an electric frypan.
Did loads of carding too on my electric carder some for the shop and the rest for my talk,demo, sales at the Dunedin Spinners and Weaver's meeting day in April.

What am I making crochetwise at the moment.
A shawl for myself, it's going to get cold this winter in out stone building at Tote, and a crochet rug (blanket) from an alpaca fleece for a commission.
Photos to follow when further along.

last 5 days have sped by, back to work tomorrow, sigh.......

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Stell said...

ooo, I'm looking forward to your visit to the guild next month.