Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weaving in the new year

No I haven't been spending all my time on the beach, quite the reverse in fact since the weather has been days and days of wind, drizzling rain or both. At least that's been the weather on any day off from work I've had. Not even good dyeing days. but I have a couple of big projects to keep me going over the last couple of months which I can't really talk about here at the moment but will post when they go public. But there's no place like a beach when you need to a break every now and again and I'm not a sun worshipper anyway. I like the more muted light of an overcast day.
Then it's back to the alpaca weaving and another wrap of beautiful soft dark brown huacaya alpaca comes off the loom.


Peter said...

Goodness Doe, what's that blue stuff? There have been so many days now where the sky has resembled a sponge full of dirty water, that I have forgotten that it can also be blue up there!

Nice looking alpaca off the loom.

Your mention of a "couple of big projects" that you "can't really talk about"... adds a bit of intrigue and mystery. Now I will be following your site extra closely to see what you've been up to "when they go public"!
Have Fun!

Jody said...

That alpaca really shines. I so luv the look of woven items.
Lovely beach photo Doe :)I thought it is summer in New Zealand?

Doespins said...

Summer? Whats that?
Apparently it's passed us by.
I keep hearing tales of campers having their tents blown away and even a mini tornado.
So I've been happy to carry on spinning alpaca this summer.