Saturday, September 22, 2012

And... more colours

 Last week I went to Wanaka to visit the Wanaka Spinners and Weavers with lots of my alpaca samples. The air was crisp and fresh with fresh snow on the mountains. Just gorgeous.
 I also found time to dye a few more colourways this one is Blanket bay, a rich deep blue with teal and purple.
 The lakeside at Wanaka was still as a mirror in the morning sun.I enjoyed blueberries and pancakes for breakfast at a nearby cafe.

We went back over the Lindas Pass and the colours in this yarn really reflect the colour I saw in the hills and tussock.

The colourway below is Port Chalmers where there is a small but vibrant artist community as well as busy port. This was the first place we lived when we arrived in NZ.
I love greys and so Eely Point above and Rae's Junction below could well join my personal yarn stash.
I apologise for the photos being out of sequence. This was the road close to Ranfurly on the way to Wanaka over the 'pig route'. Snow flurries shaped the colours of the landscape.
Finally below is Flagstaff Forest. This forest is close by to the actual alpacas who grow the fibre that goes into the yarn.


Jody said...

Such an incredible landscape Doe. I can see why you love living there. My son just came back from Poland and has set his sights on New Zealand next...he wants me to go with him. Maybe we will...who knows.
I love your dyed yarns. My friend and I bought some ProChem dyes and have done simple stuff. How do you get those different colours in there? I do have a book on dyeing. What technique do you use Doe please :-)

Doespins said...

Yes Jody you should come and see NZ. It is beautiful. There are many other places I,d like to see too, but you do get grounded by your job.
I like hot dyeing with a shallow dye pan. Can't be bothered with wrapping anything in cling film. Hot dye pots make bright Colours.

Kiwiyarns said...

love x1000!! Those colours are all so beautiful!