Friday, March 5, 2010

Two Kitties

Well family persuasion led to a trip to the SPCA where they are overloaded with cats and kittens.
One tiny little black kitten (very small for 14 weeks old) chose us and we also took home a little female tabby of the same age who was very shy. So meet Sophie and Ash. Although they came home with a touch of cat flu which made them very quiet for a few days, they are now feeling much better and have started to develop their own personalities. despite a 'funny' hip joint, Sophie the tabby can really get some speed up chasing her ball whilst Ash is the climber.
I'd forgotten how small but lively kittens are. But nothing sweeter than sleepy cats in your arms.


Jody said...

Oh Doe, they are very sweet. It always brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the poor kitties with no homes or locked in cages at the Animal Welfare society. My two kitties are indoors all the time which some may think is not nice but it keeps my kitties safe and sound.

Doespins said...

Me too Jody,For many of them being with lots of other cats at the SPCA is very stressful. Little Sophie was hiding and very submissive there. She was briefly fostered out but a child cut off all her whiskers and eyebrows. They are growing back thank goodness. We are wondering about making these indoor cats too.

Jody said...

Now you really have made me cry with Sophie's story Doe.
Thank goodness it has had a happy ending :))))
Very nice pic of you Doe.