Friday, May 4, 2012

What's on the looms

 On the dobby is an 8 shaft pattern and the weft is hand dyed alpaca yarn. The warp is handspun fine wool from Stuart Albrey's farm in Waimate. I overdyed a fawn natural colour lots of different reds. It'll be a sofa throw. Watching the colours change as the warp moves through the reed keeps me going.
 The smaller Jack loom below has some free style weaving using tapestry techniques. It's got on a longish warp so I plan to make a banner and a table runner. The yarns are wools, silk and alpaca dyed with natural dyes.
 More natural dyeing on the scarf below, waiting for a second dyebath once the shibori threads have been pulled up tight to fold the fabric.
 Eucalypt leaves and bark soaking. I used this dyebath on the scarf above. I also printed the fabric with onion skins as suggested in India Flint's 'Eco-colour' book.
 Not shown, but my little rigid heddle loom has a scarf in alpaca ready to weave and it's off to an alpaca farm on Sunday for demonstrating at the alpaca open day.
The 'Tote' Mecchia loom has a striped twill which is nearing completion. Its a rare event when all the looms are 'dressed'.

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Jody said...

Very impressive Doe. You do have quite alot of looms and know how to use them :-)