Monday, July 1, 2013

Silk with alpaca

Our new yarn is lovely soft 70% New Zealand alpaca with 20% silk to give it some gleam. This is in four ply weight. The yarn takes a little longer to wet out with the silk but dyes beautifully and is so luscious and drapery.

Some of these are listed here.

More to come as soon as I dye them. The winter cold and damp makes dyeing more challenging. Cold clammy dye shed, slow drying and piles of hanks draped close to the fire in the living room.


Kiwiyarns said...

So pretty!!! I got an undyed base from Andy today, and love it. I shall love it even more when I get my hands on some of your dyed numbers!

Jody said...

Alpaca and Silk is one of my personal favourite blends. Your dyeing is exceptional Doe :-)
Sounds funny when you speak of winter and we are in the heat of summer!