Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Woven shibori

 I really enjoy weaving cloth that is going to be scrunched, tied,creased, and crushed into a dyepot. Then it is pulled out like bedraggled butterfly wings, washed, dried and pressed back into supple cloth. Sometimes the cloth is disappointing although another dyebath can improve the design or not. It is always a risk and often  surprise.
 Sometimes I chose to use natural plant dyes which make the process even more time consuming and unpredictable. The cloth above was dyed using madder and eucalyptus leaves and bark from my garden. The final dyebath with logwood extract and indigo. See top right hand scarf in the first photo.
My favourite way to weave shibori threads into cloth is using a stick shuttle with the resist yarns randomly woven in. The pattern above will be similar to the scarf below which is more organic and fluid than the one being woven in th bottom photo..

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