Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eek another month passes...

I've neglected the blog but I have been doing lots of stuff as well as the day job. Warping, spinning and finishing scarves and blankets. Must take some pictures of the final weaving. Two looms have been busy whilst the one down in the Victorian precinct has been sadly neglected. This is partly because the shop has been busy with people.
I've run very short of my plain weave snugly alpaca boucle scarves which sell the best out of my line. The hand dyed yarns do all the design work for me.
Below are yarns and warps waiting their turn and a little of the new dyed alpaca and silk.


Kiwiyarns said...

Look at all that pretty yarn!!!

Jody said...

Your yarns are gorgeous Doe :-)
Happy weaving!